Critical Reviews

“Eleda and her art are one for the other”
Curated by Barbara Cassani

…As a container that holds artifacts…
Eleda opens and closes the lids that preserve the history…
Of her… of the world… of the passions… and of the dreams that materialize.
If we want to walk on the edge of a volcano…
we can do it through its cements.
The fossils which humbly emerge from his tales send us back to the origins of life.
Nothing has been lost… The color seems to tremble in the glass she chooses: the greens live of vegetation, of unexplored forests and the oranges and reds, warmed by the sun, tell us of an internalized light, of energies handed down.
Everything is still and silent. As if they were photographs, her artworks become a mirror… of feelings… perhaps. And of something we cannot focus on.

“Imaginative atmospheres”
Curated by Giorgio Palumbi

Imaginative atmospheres between reality and inventiveness that move the gaze, leading back to primordial memories and carrying the spirit into a deep internalized “background” in which the artist sensibly knows how to land, revealing her felt and experienced inner world. The elaborate artworks are unrepeatable and unalterable and they allow a particular use of colors and signs, which the artist well explored from her heart and mind, bringing back the old days whose history seems to be narrated and relived through colorings whispered by reflection generated by the wide choice of glassy puzzles, the well known cut and the applied talent whose voices are returned to the fascinated gaze of the observer. Commitment that is lavished by Eleda Calandriello in order to create light through shape. Shape that is wisely directed to the eye of those who stand in front of her chromatic creations in order to be interpretated and returned according to their frame of mind. Colors, therefore, that are meant to be a reading of one’s own existence, from which abstractness bursts into a concrete form in its wise and constructive views, through which the artistic temperament of the Author lives; Author who is a giver of intimate and magical sensations. Fragments of glass, therefore, which are not only colored utopias along the imagined routes marked by the maps of dreams looking for other worlds, but traces of life to discover new paths made of pleased emotions and exuberant amazements.

“Many-sided creativity”
Curated by Elena Gollini

Eleda has a strong empathic sensitivity and an innate good taste, which sustain her choices and lead her in wandering on proposals of great style and finesse, which always remain current. For each of her works Eleda uses a creative approach similar to that of a sculptor artist and her precious pieces are just like small sculptures forged and modeled specifically to be worn and flaunted ad hoc. They are to be considered full-fledged artworks and they have their own special manufacturing procedure, which requires great technical experience and wise instrumental skills, just like a real elaboration process artfully made. Each piece is born as a unique specimen and owns a distinctive connotation. Eleda avoids any serial, slavish and copying emulation and studies every little compositional detail with careful and meticulous attention, never neglecting anything, to obtain stylish and sui generis creations of high constitutive quality and remarkable scenic impact. Eleda creates not only for the pleasure of creation for its own sake, but she feels dominated by a pressing and instinctive vocation, by a pure passion that leads her to identify and blend in symbiosis with the recipient of her jewels.

The passion with which she commits herself to the world of artistic jewelery is truly praiseworthy and allows her to unravel all those resources and potentialities inherent in her innate talent. For her, the creative act of a painting is equivalent to the joyful excitement of contemplating the beauty of Creation, perceiving and absorbing its vital force and drawing inspiration to become the narrator of its own wonder. Hence also the ability to maintain a great quiteness, to be and to remain humble and without any exhibitionistic claim and cravings for protagonism. Eleda is a woman-artist identified in a role consistent with her existential ideals and fundamental principles, who tells her emotional truth and knows how to open a window on the world to welcome and feel welcomed without any reservation.