I was born in Florence, I live in Sacrofano in a countryside with tuscan features.
I have two children, men by now.
I attended Classical Studies, I graduated in Natural Sciences and in Biological Sciences.
My first interests have been scientific and naturalistic ones.
After that, the scenario becomes wider and I listen to my soul enchated by the beauty of nature,
increasingly compelling emotions cannot find any expression.
One day I find myself by chance near the International House of Women.
I read a flyer: “Vitraux Processing Class”.
I feel called, bells are ringing unhindered within me!
A meeting is in progress!
I have a work station!
I discover that it is my home…
I have emerging knowledge within me, I feel confident with the glass and the combinations of colors.
Thus another existence begins.
I train at the “Artiste di Mestiere” Cultural Association .
Exhibitions, sharings and a lot of freedom of expression
Then the desire to experiment begins to branch out.
I’m called by a blank canvas, which seems to offer me further expressive possibilities.
So, colorful gesture after gesture, I translate my inner needs onto canvas.
The journey spontaneously continues towards new dimensions.

(Eleda Calandriello)

List of Exhibitions and Fairs

  • 18-25 September 2021 – Artistic Excellence Selection– Effetto Arte Gallery, Palermo
  • 12-18 September 2020 – I Biennale dei Normanni – International Art Expo – Monreale (PA)
  • 17-24 December 2016 – Solo Exhibition Percorsi – Curated by Barbara Cassani – Exhibiting Space “La Spirale”, Sacrofano (RO)
  • 2-12 April 2014 – Group Exhibition Mostra Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea – Dioscuri del Quirinale, Roma
  • 29 September-7 October 2012 – Group Exhibition – Curated by Giorgio Palumbi – Galleria Arte Maggiore, Roma
  • 30 March-25 April 2021 – Group Exhibition Confronti senza Frontiere – Curated by Giorgio Palumbi – Accademia di Romania, Roma
  • 20 October-5 November 2011 – Group Exhibition The new views of Contemporary Art – Curated by Eureka Eventi – Reggia di Caserta
  • 16 September-6 October 2011 – Group Exhibition Ars Creandi – Curated by Giorgio Palumbi – Museo Venanzo Crocetti, Roma
  • 6 August -9 September – Solo Exhibition Miraggi – Curated by Barbara Cassani – Galleria Duomo Palazzo Travaglini, Spoleto
  • 9 June 2011 – Group Exhibition Premio Eureka – Curated by Eureka Eventi – Palazzo Mazzancolli, Terni
  • 25 May 2011 – Group Exhibition Festival Internazionale dell’Arte – Curated by Giorgio Palumbi – Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, Santa Sede
  • 30 April-15 May 2011 – Group Exhibition Prima Rassegna Arte Contemporanea – Curated by Eureka Eventi – Palazzo Montani Leoni, Terni
  • 22-31 October 2010 – Group Exhibition Sentieri – Curated by Barbara Cassani – Galleria d’Arte Spazio 120, Roma
  • 24-27 September 2010 – Group Exhibition Spoleto Festivalart 2010 – Il Chiostro di San Nicolò, Spoleto
  • 4-15 August 2010 – Solo Exhibition Riflessi – Curated by Barbara Cassani – Biblioteca Comunale di Santa Marinella
  • 5-12 November 2007 – Solo Exhibition Haiku di Vetro – Curated by Barbara Cassani – Galleria Fasoli, Roma
    Since 2003, Eleda has participated in many group exhibitions at the International House of Women and at the “Acquarius” Cultural Association (via Giulia, Rome).